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May 2016 Cuba
Big Lake 08/17/14 page 1
Big Lake 08/17/14 page 2
A trip to Guanaja with Neal & Rachel 04/12
Night blooming cactus flowers on Roatan
Building the bodega for compressors & tanks
New Years eve @ Graham's Place in Guanaja
Roatan End of world party
Ronda & Andrews wedding
Crusing around the san juans
Crusing around Meadow Lakes sep 12
Alaska cruise
Christmas eve cruise
Mart's service
golf along the ocean
an afternoon @ the beach
golf with the birds
house 4 frank
banana house 09/07
a new computer
Carter is 3
Banana House
Roatan 2007
Camp Sherman 2006
Christmas - Todd & Jans 2006
Roatan 2006
June 2006 Kenya
Armfield Reunion 06
Big Lake 06
Ty's new house
Dakota's Christmas bike
Dakota's graduation from kindergarden 05/22/02
Arizona 03/02
Fathers Day 06/02
trying to take pictures of the fireworks ft vancouver 2002
Detroit lake for fireworks 2002
Sue's birthday dinner in Kaiser
10plex repairs
Mart's 93rd birthday party
Trip to the cabin on Mart's birthday
Dakota's Birthday 9/11/02
Corn Maze and some rollerblade
Dakota and Hanna in Halloween costume
building the potting shed
Golf at McNary for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Dinner @ Jan & Todd's 02
Karen turns 50 with a surprise
Christmas in Arizona
Karen's Grandmother's Services
Hanna's 2nd Birthday
A T-ball game
The net
The kids go to the zoo
Sue & Ted's house at first
Sue & Ted's house in June 03
Ted & Sue fishing
Birthday dinner 07/24/03
Gary & Kerry
Moving in to mart's new home
Larry & Karen Kitchen remodel
Larry & Karen Kitchen remodel page II
Larry & Karen Kitchen remodel - Almost DONE!
Larry & Karen Kitchen remodel - Last Cabinets!
Larry & Karen Kitchen remodel - Finally - A SINK!!!
Kitchen & dinning pics
Dakota turns 8
Mart's 94 dinner
Dakota turns 8
Ty's new abode
Karen & Kara - Brookings Trip
Thanksgiving weekend - Larry's camera
Thanksgiving weekend -Sue's camera
Opening Presents
Kara And Rodney are Parents!
Christmas Eve Dinner
Marts Place Decorations
Snow & Ice!!! Jan 04
More new baby pics of Kennedy!
Larry & Karens new furniture!
St Pat Parade
more Kennedy pics
Hanna 3
4th at Detroit
A sailing weekend
Dakota baseball 04
Carter's Shower
Big Lake 04 part 1
Big Lake 04 part 2
Big Lake 04 part 3
Mart's 95th
Mart's 95th sue
State Fair Hypnomania
Dakota 9th Birthday
Dallons Weekend #1
Dallons Weekend #2
Halloween 04
Thanksgiving Dinner @ Jan & Todd's 04
Sue & Ted go fishing
the first house
Arizona Trip
New Car
PT Run
Dakota Baseball 04/23/05
Birthday dinner 04/24/05
Sailing Memorial Day 05
Carter is 1!
Todd is 50!
Fathersday 05
Kathy's Tumor
The 05 4th @ Detriot
Big Lake 05 part 1
Big Lake 05 part 2
Mart is 96
Garage Sale
Dakota is 10
Funeral & cats
Camp Sherman
Christmas 05
Christmas 05-Todd & Jan's
Kennidy is 2!
Dakota basketball 02/06
Dakota Baseball Allstars
The 06 4th @ Detriot
Mart is 97
Dakota is 11
Keizer remodel 1
Keizer remodel 2
Thanksgiving 06
Christmas in Keizer